Stick It Where?

OMFG NOVAKANE must have problems with his own equipment.

  • Robin Blanchard

    Perhaps he was going for sniper RIFLE here? >_<

  • Anonymous

    Ouch. Something tells me it took him a few minutes to come up with that one. :P

  • Anonymous


  • mélange à treides

    maybe his pianist is in the shop?

  • Stephanie Michelle Taylor

    I would comment on this… but the caption is already perfect as it is.
    But I’d venture a guess it’s more like a 9mm pistol…

  • Anonymous

    But what are you saying???

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! It’s always the “Big” boys that brag about their toys. :P

  • Anonymous

    it’s so true.

  • Jim Darkmagic

    Bad enough you are complete fucking tool and an abusive shit to boot but could you at least learn to spell simple fucking words

  • Ian Caronia

    No he meant sniper. This person has some WEEIRD~ fetishes… @_@

  • Ryan March-Moise

    I feel bad for saying it but I laughed at this one XD

    I mean out of all the things you can say…

  • Anonymous

    An entire sniper?  I get the impression the effort would be more than you could commit to, even if you could actually convince a sniper to agree to this little plan without running your mouth off *and getting yourself shot long before any “sticking” happens…

    * Unlike anonymous video games, it’s a bad idea to call a real person with a gun a “fag.”  Just FYI.  Although the news would be a lot more entertaining if that happened more often.

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