Ball Boy

It’s time we had a serious talk about Tennis. FUoS has received its first Tennis-related submission, in the form of an XBL picture message from zR1z, as you can see below.

zR1zpinkballsOkay, so that’s not what was in the original submission. But the content was rather similar to what you see above, except with more pants showing. I suppose it was inevitable. Dick pictures are something we’ve seen a lot of people talk about when discussing FUoS. They are unfortunately very common. I don’t want to detract at all from the impact of that, so read it again: Dick pictures are very common.

We will not show these pictures. Don’t send them.

Yes, zR1z is an idiot and could get himself in a lot of trouble, and not just with XBL. So could we. It is not worth the risk just to show some idiot’s pink testicles.

Special thanks to ERRRskate151 for help with the picture.

  • A.E. Cail

    and since showing them is what he wants, clearly, and not what I, for one want (since I get enough of those darned pics myself) THANK YOU!

  • Scott John Harrison

    I am thinking seeing some of these balls/penises might be illegal as well.

  • feitclub

    This guy was reported, right? If this isn’t a bannable offense on Xbox Live, I have lost a little more faith in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Really? Can’t we be grown adults here? Can someone just not take losing or something?

  • Holly

    You should use the tennis balls picture as a catch-all for ‘and then he sent me pics of his dick’.

  • Anonymous

    I’m Onyx and I approve of this message. :P

  • Anex

    I agree! Pink tennis balls for all male genitalia pictures.. it can be the universal symbol ;p
    Time to start a trend!

  • Anonymous

    Depending on his age and location, this might be a felony.

  • Ian Caronia

    “…Just to show some idiot’s pink testicles.”
    There are no words. No jokes can match up to this. This…is the pinnacle of hilarity. XD Gorgeous job!

    Also, I just want to say that I never knew dick pictures were COMMON. That is… I am so sorry, and I’m not even responsible for a single insult to a woman (who wasn’t coming at me with a fillet knife, but that’s another story). My sympathies to everyone who has to endure this. Not all guys are bad, and I hope you come to appreciate this despite the overwhelming idiocy online. <: )

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