WoW commerce

Artworker feels 5g is appropriate for an imaginary BJ. Hope he’s ok with it coming from another guy.

My lil’ sister decided she’d like to try out world of warcraft, so, being the good brother I am, I let her try it out with my account for a little while. After having mentioned her gender in the chat, she got this whisper.

  • Anthony Kearney

    lol, reminds of the episode from bbt where howards avatar in wow was having sex with what he thought was a girl, which was really the janitor from the university, lol

  • Alex Copeland

    “Ralph, pls go.”
    “No way, dude.”

  • Anonymous

    There are some sick people out there. Sorry that your sisters first game was like this, don’t mean that they ever should be like this!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, people just don’t care to be civilized anymore it seems. It’s so sad that anyone has to put up with this.

  • Master Eternal

    Ewwwww, just report it to admins… I play WoW, and that is NOT acceptable behaviour :-S Why would anyone do something like that… Hopefully he gets a ban for it, but don’t tell them it was your sister playing, as far as I know if you let someone else play on your account you can get shit as well…

    Ps. Typical horde ;) Ds.

  • Mary Seif

    I felt this was appropriate for this post. Same thing has happened to me mannny times.

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