Can I use a Magnifying Glass?

IDS xMVCaYx is just another random exhibitionist wanna-be.

  • Bryan

    I was confused there for a minute. The avatar looks female.

  • Anex

    I don’t think ANYONE would want to see it O_o

  • Anonymous

    This seems legit. Been a member for 2 years but only 60 gamerscore? Someone had their gamerscore wiped for cheating.

  • Benjamin Denes Hoyt

    Haha. He misspelled “cumming.”

  • Ted?

    After reading through pages of these submissions, my reaction is always the same: “What? What?? I don’t even… how?” The venom and idiocy in equal parts makes for an exotic cocktail that always burns going down and leaves me bewildered.

  • Anonymous

    I just…..I’m not even gonna try

  • Inkhuldra

    Master-bating? Is he talking about baiting masters?

  • Yutolia

    Yeah, it could make it a little ambiguous… like he meant cumin instead… Maybe he has some bizarre issue with spices…

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