Best wishes

Tpowow took time out of his busy raid schedule to express heartfelt concern for another player’s well-being.


  • Robin Blanchard

    Well, at least he’s got the biology down. Because I totally remember the part of health where they taught me that I get dumber on my period.

  • D.C. McQueen

    Too bad women have this handy reason to be retarded every month, when men are just like that with no excuses all the time!

  • Anonymous

    That’s because when you’re on your period you’re dumb– and since you’re dumb for that period (pun intended) of time, you aren’t aware of just how dumb you are! OMG, L2FEMALE.

  • Jill Dembowski

    people still say “on the rag” ? lol

  • Anonymous

    Ouch, such hate! I would like to consider myself an intelligent male. I don’t see exactly where anyone gets females are retarded during a certain time of the month.

  • Anonymous

    On the rag?! I’m concerned at the age of this guy

  • Anonymous

    To paraphrase Dr. Venture, “On the rag? What truck stop men’s room did you pick up that kind of trash talk in?”

  • Anonymous

    Can we cut the ableist language, please?

  • Jean

    “U got pms or what?” U know, the menstrual cycle, guys (and many women) loves to say that to ANY girl who is annoying, annoyed, or just because she is a girl and someone want to upset her with a stupid comment :D Happens all the time…in what universe do u live in? A pretty nice one I would say ;O

  • Anonymous

    I say ‘on the rag’ when I’m menstruating…

    *sits in a corner being outdated, despite having only lived 17 years on this earth*

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry…did you not read the original post? If you look carefully that’s what word they originally used. I was just repeating that word. I’m not directing it at anyone nor am I labeling anyone.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that I don’t hear it all the time, I myself would never make a judgement on a woman’s attitude if they’re going through that time of the month.

  • Anonymous

    It baffles me that you think that somehow gives you a free pass to act like a defensive, bigoted jackass.

    If someone does something without thinking it through, and you say, “Wow, you’re so black!” you’d be hard-pressed to argue that that’s not racist. Same situation here, except you’re using a slur on top of equating being non-neurotypical with being stupid.

    If someone says, “So-and-so is such a faggot!” and you say, “Yep, they’re a fag alright!” *you are still being homophobic.* (If you’re from somewhere were a fag is a cigarette, just take my word that it’s an anti-gay slur for the sake of this example.)

    If you use ‘retard’ as a synonym for ‘stupid’, you’re using a slur that equates having a mental disorder (often referring to an Autism Spectrum disorder, from what I’ve seen) with being stupid. Doing that is ableist. If you feel compelled to argue against this with, “But they *are* stupid!” then you’re still ableist.

    And if I posted the same thing twice in reply to two different people, the double-post would be obnoxious. Since you decided to not only act like a bigot, but encourage the person who was already doing so by responding to them and using the same slur they did, I decided it’d be more productive to go after you. Shows what I know.

  • Anonymous

    Like I said in my first response to you, I’m not directing it at anyone nor am I labeling anyone. Both of your examples are. I wouldn’t call anyone a fag or faggot. Nor would I be so rude as to comment on someone’s race negatively.

    Also, if you must know, the word retard is slang for A person considered to be foolish or socially inept, and is used as a disparaging term for a mentally retarded person(also slang). The actual definition of the word retard is “1. To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede. 2. A slackening of tempo.(in music)

    Don’t try to flame against someone if you don’t have your facts straight or if you don’t expect to be retaliated against.

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