No Tomboys Allowed

Our submitter ran into the charming XstillFly609X while playing Call of Duty.


  • Robin Blanchard

    Well, you know, some of us may be “fat fuckin tomboys,” but at least we’re not giant douches. ;)

  • fake_off

    As fun as it is to mock these ass clowns, people really need to report them, get them banned and help clean up the XBL community.

  • Ilhja

    I think many are doing that too

  • Anonymous

    Such an old school insult I’m surprised he knew what it meant

  • Anonymous

    I’m a scrawny fucking tomboy. I feel so left out. :(

  • Anonymous

    Trust me, I reported him.

  • Anonymous

    Double post like a rere ):

  • fake_off

    Such a relief to know that.

  • Anonymous

    Just don’t take his advice. Don’t need anyone taking douche-bags like this seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know “tomboy” was an insult anymore. I thought it had already been “taken back,” so to speak, like “nerd” and “geek.”

  • Karl Jenei

    I love being able to mix girl and boy gamers, creating many new aspects of gaming. But seriously once you post a picture showing how attractive you are, just to do so, you are cancer to the community and should please gtfo.

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