Innocence of Youth

yewie97 is living up to the stereotype.


  • Anonymous

    But they’re so cute when they sleep…

  • Anonymous

    And then they wake up on a testosterone fuelled bender

  • Maverynthia

    Urgh, and yet another person is left to harass countless other women.. I hate it when people don’t report his stuff and then “Lol block!” That means I might have to suffer his abuse, or someone that’s triggered might have to suffer it and suffer they will.

  • Joey Shabadoo

    Some of this is funny because it’s amazing how stupid some people are, but rape? Really? I’ve never felt comfortable nor okay with people joking about something so vicious as that, so from the bottom of my heart, ladies, I apologize on behalf of every jerkwad you meet.

  • Jean

    U know…it isnt your fault when some people are stupid :) Just want you to know that! :D

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes males(like Joey here) feel like they should apologize for dickwads like the one noted above. Just like myself, males like Joey want you to know that not all guys are like this. Some of aren’t half bad. ;)

  • Jim Darkmagic


    If this idiot is 13 where are his fucking parental units whilst he is off threatening to rape strangers on the internets?

  • Inkhuldra

    And then they wake up on a testosterone fuelled bender …
    … the size of half a jellybean. FTFY.

  • Nelson Rowe


    OH WOW

    This guys a tool, but that’s fricken hilarious BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Love this picture, everyone taking it too seriously shut the hell up, this is comedic gold ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaha! Oh man.. hehehe… that really made my day. Ty for the post :)

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