She meets the requirements

theIRISHBULLDOG is very strict about who joins the team. Only the smartest and most capable will do.

  • Christian Frössling

    I’m not sure what that was… It was something… But what? O.o Perplexed…

  • Carly Frith

    Well at least he was honest…?

  • Angela Seiverling

    Haha, “because your… your a girl… and I like that.” At least he was indeed honest, haha.

  • mélange à treides

    I’m fascinated by the idea that we have such ridiculously low expectations of men that they can be misogynist douchebags and we praise them for being “honest”. As long as we keep holding them to the social standard of toddlers and giving them what they want in return, they’re going to keep right on thinking this is how you talk to women.

    Pro tip for the ladies – someone who is giving you something because of what you are doesn’t see you as an individual. If you aren’t sure if what they are saying is horrific bullshit or not, substitute in a racial designation for “girl” or “woman” or “female”. If the resulting sentence is racist, you’re not being complimented.


  • Carly Frith

    Melange I appreciate your desire to protect but I don’t see being called a girl, woman or female as derogatory. I am female/woman/girl. I do not really need a pro tip since I am way past the age of majority now and have some experience in the world. As for being given something because I happen to have been born with a vagina? I haven’t had that experience. I have worked for everything I have, including gaming. You can only truly be insulted if you allow yourself to be. I had someone call me fat. I replied yes, I was a 300lb midget and worked in a sideshow. That took their power to insult me away from them. They left me alone. I find not fighting back confuses them and they wander off. He was honest in saying he wanted to play with her because she was a girl. My husband would offended at being called a toddler and no one really sees anyone as an individual online. You can’t think of people that you do not know that way.

  • mélange à treides

    I think you probably need to reread what I said, because you are misunderstanding it.

  • mélange à treides

    put another way, what would you think of your husband if he’d said “I want to marry you because you’re a girl and I like that.”

  • Anonymous

    What a gentleman!

  • fake_off

    Probably the least offensive submission here. Still creepy, though.

  • Ricky Coppola

    Sexism! I never get told to come play with guys because i’m a guy and he “likes that…” xD

  • Alex

    Reminds me of elementary school!

  • Mia Hupp

    lol I can’t believe this go so many hits.. and no I didn’t join his match :)

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