Totally original

Xbox player JustBoughtGame spent a long time coming up with this one.

  • Anonymous

    Ouch! Such hate! I’m sure the recipient of this message is so hurt and in distress. Horrible, horrible hate filled world!

  • Anonymous

    I know… ain’t it wonderful?

  • Anonymous

    Someone just needs to admit that the person that won was just on their game or the loser needs to stfu. Negative messages like this one is not the way you want to represent yourself in the gaming word. Being as civil as possible to each other just makes the game more enjoyable for everyone in the long run. I try to treat other players with respect no matter what side they’re on or who is winning or losing.

  • Anonymous

    Short and too the point, his probably some 12 butthurt kid who cant admit he just got owned…bless

  • Jean

    hate feeds hate, so you are on the right Road Onyx72 :D

  • Anonymous

    I really hope you mean this as a compliment. Meaning I am on the opposite road of hate….which is spreading love everywhere! *throws flowers and whatnot*

    jk… Not a flower person. >.>

  • Matt Schrader

    He is just jealous that he forgot to bring a tent…

  • Jean

    yes, i like your comments :D *

    And flowers… it is ok to leave them alone. :D

  • Anonymous

    I try not to offend but at the same time try to get my point across. Not everyone is like you Jean. Understanding, good sense of humor: those traits seem lost on humanity as a whole these days.

  • D.C. McQueen

    Ah, the hateful screeech of an asshole being camped. It’s beautiful sound.

  • Ricky Coppola

    So to sum up the person who he is talking to is an individual who trades sex for money, which causes pity towards her, but is ok due to the fact that she uses that money for camping expeditions. Interesting…

  • Jim Darkmagic

    Silly child, thats not how you deal with campers.

    Knife them in the back or grenade rain them, let go of your adolescent rage and use the kill cam.

  • John Colwell

    To be fair, in Australia this might legitimately (and surprisingly) be considered a non gender specific insult .

  • Jade Carver

    Dude, that makes it even worse. You’re insulting someone by calling them a slang term for a part of the female anatomy. That implies said part of female anatomy is synonymous with something dirty and/or bad.

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