Rev Run Hoe

BleakBenny789 is a special kind of stupid. Our submitter writes:

“Some kid threatens to ban me from Xbox Live.”

BleakBenny789 1

“At the time, I was actually working for Xbox so I asked him if he would like a ban.”

BleakBenny789 2

“He then proceeds to tell me that he pays with cash, they live in a mansion, and his dad is a “Rev Run” hoe…”

BleakBenny789 3

  • Carl Stones

    Please tell me that – as you were working for Xbox – you issued said ban?

  • Robin Blanchard

    I hope you banned him. LoL I would have liked to see the look on his face. ;)

  • Rhiannon Claire Rowland
    Ahah i wish it were true. And his daddy was Rev Run. i had too google it because i had no idea who/what it meant

  • Anonymous


  • Nightly Lover #003

    someone who adds an extra n in ban, but takes the e off of give? SOUNDS LEGIT.

  • Angela Seiverling

    I agree with Robin. I would have LOVED to see the look on his face when said ban was issued.

  • Anonymous

    I guess with the run-on sentences it’s a funny read and all that… but I just sincerely hope that that person wasn’t lying about living in a mansion, and that this isn’t some sort of a manifestation of poverty. :( Maybe I worry too much… This whole thing would be funny if it’s coming from a rich kid, but it would be sad if the kid’s family is living under the poverty line…

  • Daniel Glass

    0 gamerscore, default 3 rep, looks like a troll account

  • Chazboski

    Either you’re a troll or an idiot. Stupidity is equal amongst race/creed/and income level. If he’s living in a mansion, he’s an idiot. If his only access to the internet is through the public library he is still an idiot. Don’t try to guilt yourself into feeling something just because you think someone may have worse circumstances than previously imagined. It’s not fair to the majority of people in those circumstances who bust their ass to educate themselves and further their lives.

  • Anonymous

    Heh, maybe I’m just an idiot. :) But this idiot is also a bleeding-heart who doesn’t believe in absolutes. A person’s circumstances do in fact have much to do with their “stupidity”… I just can’t “laugh” at a scammer that lives in poverty the same way I can “laugh” at a privileged scammer.

    And why would feeling empathy towards someone of a group be unfair to the rest of that group? What sort of logic is that? My empathy doesn’t trivialize the others’ hardships or invalidate their accomplishments, nor does it condone that person’s behaviour…

  • Anonymous

    Also I’d like to point out how much of a travesty it is that you people don’t know who Rev Run is.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so sad that such a thing exists. Rich or poor, scamming is wrong. Plus he doesn’t even say please. What kind of scam is that?

  • George Churchill


  • gtz

    SAY WHAT?!

  • Anonymous

    I guess his “rev run” father never took him for English lessons huh

  • Anonymous

    His “rev run” father must home school him the only excuse or bad his bad English

  • Kito Zeo

    Lol, without ignorance in this world, who would we laugh at? :D

  • Anonymous

    Wow my faith in humanity has disappered thanks to “BleakBenny789″

  • Chazboski

    Thanks for taking it in stride lol

    I’ve worked with a lot of inner city kids. Their smart. They know right from wrong. They know the shit hand that life dealt them, and lot of them know that it’s up to them to get out. This isn’t exactly a kid stealing bread because there’s no food on the table. He’s trying to steal people’s credit cards on a video game system that costs at least $200 no including online costs. The kids I’ve worked with don’t have toys like that.

    I’d bet my last dollar that this kid isn’t rich, but isn’t worrying about living on the street either. He’s another prick who thinks the world owes him something, and he’s not responsible for his actions. Being mocked is the least of his worries.

  • Victoria

    Excuse me, but it seems to me that he’s public schooled. Considering that I was home-schooled for the majority of my academic career, I’ve found that the idiots and people unable to grasp simple grammar and spelling are, in fact… people who have graduated public school. It makes me feel very strange in college, actually, as I still have yet to find my peers. The ones that can actually use punctuation, like periods, spell check everything they write, spell “for” with an F, and give me a run for my money when they argue with me. Want to try?

  • Anonymous

    (please feel free to correct my grammatical errors oh Nazi of grammar)

    The point is to point fun at those that rage at video games and computer games not to insult or be retardedly abusive to each other. I was home schooled and still went to university and graduated with a masters in applied chemistry so star shine I don’t give a flying fuck what you think

  • Roxy

    You sound just as ignorant as the people who leave these messages.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I don’t know what or who shat in your ladies breakfast cereal. But hey whatever if you think I’m ignorant fair enough.

  • samantha

    Well someone’s got a lot of class privilege, don’t they?

  • Nick Simmonds

    No, no, it’s a bann. He’s making you an offer of marriage.

  • Omri Drucker

    If you can’t find people like that in college, than either you’re not attending the right college, or you aren’t looking for the right group. Also, while Foangel’s comment was out of line, your attack on all public school (as though it some sort of monolithic machine that churns out idiots) is just as out of line.

  • Jordan Trenholm

    Your spelling’s great but your grammar needs work. I see run-on sentences, excessive commas, awkward words, and unbalanced sentence structure. You lack clarity. Judge yourself before you judge others.
    Bad grammar doesn’t indicate stupidity so long as the person isn’t saying stupid things. Just because one stupid kid came out of the public school system it doesn’t mean that the rest are stupid too.

  • Andy Collin Brown

    Anyone notice that most of these asses have a gamerscore of 0?
    And he calls himself a “pro.” You can get an achievement for almost anything.

  • Matilda

    So Rev run’s pay their hoes alot of money huh? So much they can afford a mansion, in CASH!

  • AnnieMac

    Well they can afford an XBox so I doubt they’re under the breadline

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