If I knew you were coming

l3rAziL is hungry, but the usual sandwich just won’t cut it.


  • DazeOfWar

    Love it. Doesn’t he know bad kids don’t get treats.

  • FoAngel

    I’d reply “I would but I’m already in the kitchen making your father a sandwich”

  • Juggz 25

    Yeah, this guy was being a crybaby after I worked him in CoD.

  • Juggz 25

    Actually, I told him to go cry in the corner some more. I was working him, and he rage quit out of the game. I wish I would’ve thought of your response though!

  • Rae

    Gotta appreciate the use of alliteration, assonance, and consonance. *slow clap*

  • ShiRa

    And I though my country was crap. What I’ve readed in this blog is far worse that what they’ve told to me, by far.
    When I was playing wow and they called me gay for playing a woman, and telling them that I was actually a woman, the conversation turned into something like;

    “Yeah right if girls play wow Im going to get a Barbie’
    It was fun.
    Also In league of legends I had a bad day and I was playing really bad, then some guy opened the chat telling me if I wanted to play with him.
    As I informed him that I was playing really bad that day he answered ‘Come on girls can play well too’
    I told him ‘What does that have to do with me playing crappy today?’
    Then I blocked him and deleted from my friendlist, but every time I log in theres a friend invitation from the same guy. Is driving me crazy.

    After time I learned I better don’t say anything if they don’t ask me. Unless I have to use the microphone, is better to let them think you’re an actual guy playing female characters,
    Its sad, very sad. But its better than being harassed.

    If any day I receive any funny commentary by any male I’ll send it right to you.
    As Im from Spain, if its not a bother I’ll send the original text with a translation.

  • Jack

    If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake~ baked a cake~ baked a cake~

  • Anonymous

    What is “stepford mentality” ? Google didn’t help me solve this mystery.

    I’m sure it’s a reference to the submissive housewives of “The Stepford Wives.” Since I haven’t read the book, it’s not extremely clear to me what the characters are like or anything.

    Wikipedia says

    “The term “Stepford wife,” which is often used in popular culture, stemmed from the novel, and is usually a reference to a submissive and docile housewife.”

  • William / Wizen

    I believe the post is tagged ‘Stepford Mentality’ because the user in question is requesting that the target enter into a submissive relationship with him, and implying that she adopt the aforementioned mentality.

  • Pan

    “Go build me a garage, beergut.”

  • betty

    I love how his avatar is FIST PUMPIN LIKE A CHAMP! Totally fits with the message.

  • Onyx

    That’s awesome. A comeback for the kitchen insult. I myself would never bring myself so low as to insult a woman so but I’ve heard guys online do it. If one of the female gamers came back with that…I wouldn’t have been able to play anymore from laying on the ground laughing. :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andre-Duarte/100001657291261 Andre Duarte

    Damit this guy is from my country embarising.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brittney.sigsworth Brittney Nicole

    His avatar is wearing a Packer’s jersey. He is obviously an inbred fuck. Duh.

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