More than a handful is a waste, right?

Linkin 6 Echo is back, and classy as ever.

Linkin 6 Echo 2

  • MJ

    The poor kid is never going to get laid asking questions like this. However, maybe it’s Darwinism at work. If he doesn’t have any children maybe that will make 100 less obnoxious gamers in the future.

  • indifference

    It’s still pretty damn funny.

  • Onyx

    “My tits can be as big as you want them to be….it’s not like you’ll ever see mine or any other girls’ in person.” If I were a female I would fuck with his little pea-sized brain.

  • VezRoth

    Oh, if only I were on XBL sometimes. Good lord, I kind of want to get back on to get harassment like this! It would make my days so much more amusing.

  • Theseus

    I like this kid. His right to the point attitude and horrible grammar say, “I don’t have time for your games, so you better tell me now or else I’ll come to your house, and find out on my own!” He might also be saying, “Come on! Tell me! My parents are going to be home soon!”

  • Curtis Lassam

    HUGE. But I’m a dude. So… there’s that.

  • Anex


    Should send him a big of giant man boobs.

  • toni

    awesome idea!


    he could save the McDonald’s salary to pay for getting laid

  • Orpon

    I love this site. My girlfriend got messages like these too when she used to play online more often. The worst was the voice messages.

    Keep it up!!

  • Michey Andersson

    Lol Awesome site.. Keep it up

  • Anonymous

    I one time told someone I was a transvestite. ;D they believed me. <3

  • Anonymous

    “I’m flat chested, but I bet they’re still bigger than your balls.”

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