Perfectly reasonable response

ClarityGodly felt the need to send this after being destroyed in Call of Duty:Black Ops.

“I received this message on my XBOX 360 after demolishing the other team, ending with a 21/5 Kill Death Ratio on Team Deathmatch.”


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  1. Rob Jamieson says:

    Maybe he should try it….some people will do anything for a high KDR.

  2. MJ says:

    Well, that was mighty godly of him wasn’t it?

  3. Mr.Anderson says:

    The fact he has ‘god’ in his name explains all and excuses him. After all, it’s all religion has; insults and lies.

    I wonder however, if gamers are ‘fat, ugly or slutty’ are you aswell?

  4. GC says:

    I know, first-hand, that the internet is filled with people like this, yet every time I see it I can’t believe there’s people who do these things. Being a decent human being isn’t difficult, it’s actually pretty easy. How do these guys mess it up?

  5. RE: Nerdette says:

    Haha, oh this is the normal message I think.

  6. I do like the detail on the text penis, though.

  7. Tristan says:

    Sore losers and phallic symbolism; two of man’s oldest art forms bought together by gaming.

  8. ch0l0man says:

    Must have hurt his little ego that you stomped him. Sadly I do not expect any less from males that have grown up in a patriarchal society, including me during my youth and sometimes even sneaks out now.

    “What does the Patriarch fear the most? It is the Woman. That is why for over 6000 years he has demonized, dehumanized, dominated, terrorized and controlled women.”
    ~Russell Means

  9. Vince says:

    This guy has anger issues. I’m sure if a guy stomped him he wouldnt have said a word, but he wanted to act big.

  10. Rubix says:

    Why do you fixate on women? I was called a “faggot” and a “limp-dick” the other day by some kid for beating his team modern warfare, and I don’t need a little blog to moan about it.
    A comment on some whiny shrew’s blog does the job for me.

    • Crimm says:

      This comment brings to mind a saying about pots, kettles, and the color black….

    • MJ says:

      Awwww….your pain at being called a limp-dick is SO much worse than everybody elses. *hands you Viagra*

    • Theseus says:

      A guy insulting a guy and a girl insulting a girl are normal. Hell, a girl insulting a guy is normal. This site shows how perverted and sexist little boys don’t know how to treat women.

    • Fillytase says:

      Derp. Maybe because women are sick of being picked on for being women. We’re not whining, we’re sharing our experiences and turning them into a positive thing by laughing at these idiots. It certainly beats whining/trolling on someone else’s blog to relieve your insecurity over your apparently limp dick.

  11. Anna says:

    The cause of a kdr of 4 is leet skillz and the result is abuse. Makes me happy with my icky .49 kdr. Is it sad that I’m super psyched about hitting .5? Hahaha

  12. him so cuuute lol

    But honestly, they are boys what could we truly expect from them?

  13. Brad says:

    I’m appalled at this comment. After browsing a few of the older and newer entries, I’ve grown from indecisive to motivated in regards about laughing about the trash comments that plague gamers’ mouths to wanting to fight fire with fire and send just as hateful a comment to them. Harassment and verbal abuse certainly isn’t new to me in the online gaming field, but seeing it done to someone else without being able to do anything about it is grinding my gears, a LOT.

    @Theseus: Just because society in general believes something morally wrong to be acceptable, doesn’t make it right, it’s still WRONG. And I don’t know where you get off about ‘guys insulting guys/girls insulting girls/girls insulting guys’ to be ‘ok.’ Insulting someone else with a cause is a sign of poor anger management and plenty of other psychological issues, though insulting someone else without a cause is laughably immature, disrespectful, scoffingly minute(my-noot), and an irreversible stamp of bad character.

  14. sarah says:

    I didn’t know people could suck large amountzzz of nonsense punctuation lol.

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