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This fine evening | Fat, Ugly or Slutty

This fine evening

At God just deleted all his hat has written his simple question so eloquently that it evokes a feeling of a different time. A time when dinner was always ready on the table and one’s pipe and newspaper was waiting beside the easy chair. And then, uh…

“I never said a word to him, but once I spoke over the mic his little Icelandic heart was just compelled to give me worthwhile advice. Funny thing was he gave me his sandvich so I could get health before everything went downhill.”

icelandic shithead

16 Responses to This fine evening

  1. Fillytase says:

    Wow… it’s hard to take offense to that when it’s so inoffensively worded.

  2. Onyx says:

    Wow….this kinda reminds me of this for some reason…>.>

  3. FoAngel says:

    I would’ve replied “well yes I am…….my own”

  4. VonMelee says:

    I like how most of these don’t actually attack the person’s gaming ability or their strategy. They’re mostly a bunch of sexually frustrated, anger-induced tantrums that go for the weakest kind of insult.
    Though he did manage to control his language…rare to NOT see cursing in online gaming rage…

    • Pai says:

      It’s almost never about playstyle/ability, it’s about ‘existing as female’ in a space that guys take for granted is only theirs. That alone is enough to set some guys off.

  5. Theseus says:

    Well kind sir, shouldn’t you be attending to your blow up doll this extravagant night?

  6. Meical says:

    And the heavy says “We make good team!” Not so much in this case.

  7. MJ says:

    Next he’ll be taking off all of his clothes to put them over a puddle so that she can walk over it.

  8. Vince says:

    I also play Team Fortress 2, and yes there are more men like this (not all, but many). Girl says a word over the mic, they act suprised then might say rude things to her, its really childish of them. I try to jump back at them like “so what if shes a girl” then of course the assholes jump at me too, I try though.

  9. Jordan says:

    You can’t shame someone in TF2 properly unless you also get their Steam ID (put “status” in the console to get a list of players with their IDs). Names can be changed arbitrarily – in this case his name is At God and arbitrarily changed his name so everyone on his friends list will know he’s deleted all of his hats. Getting things on record properly demands Steam ID, otherwise anyone can look like anyone.

  10. Pumbli says:

    Haha, I’ve been browsing this site for a few days now and I didn’t expect to see an Icelander appear on here so soon.

    Wait, I know a guy called Sindri. He doesn’t seem like someone who’d do something like this but you never know. I’m going to find out if he has a Steam account. :P

  11. Alan Chenery says:

    Bet it was a full moon. The Icelanders get a bit funny on full moons.

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