Brevity is the soul of wit?

Linkin 6 Echo has quite the imagination.

Linkin 6 Echo

  • MJ

    I’m beginning to think that quite a few of these basement dwelling jerks are just mad because they have been rejected by women online. It’s kind of like real life in a way. Some men, when you reject them in real life, will call you a slut because you have damaged their fragile ego. In fact I will wager a guess that most women have been called a slut for such a thing sometime in their life. The guy above sounds borderline psychotic.

  • thepriebster

    Normally i just lol @ the retarded hate but this guy is just made up of 100% pure awesome with 33% bonus win.

  • DS

    I think this one isn’t really gender specific.

    @MJ – Seems like a joke more than anything serious. He doesn’t sound psychotic at all, just getting a laugh.

  • Miike

    Yeah this made me actually laugh out loud. I love this a lot.

  • Theseus

    No offense to anyone here, but a lot of you have some weird senses of humor.

  • JR112

    I wonder how long it took for him to think of that? Sarcastic Gamer sent me :)

  • FoAngell

    Did it occur to our paleontologist friend how long his process will take or he didn’t think that far ahead?

  • Joanna

    I must say, this man appears to be a fine credit to his species. I can only imagine it took him a large lump of work to come up with such a creative and yet laughable insult. I personally would be flattered if someone went to such extensive lengths to insult me that it may have actually caused them physical and psychological damage.

  • vellocet

    He doesn’t have to think ahead… he’s got a time machine. He could just go forwards in time… think presently and then go back in time again.

  • gtz

    Yeah I’m a big fan of this one. So far it’s a battle between this and ralphy305′s.

  • shadz

    Eh, this is creepy, lol. I think the “joke” just dragged on and on for too long for it to be funny…for me, at least. I lost interest around the “hatching” and “raising” part, it definitely needs a tl;dr lol.

  • christina

    It’s very reminiscent of Horton Hatches an Egg. I think it’s a metaphor for the author’s unconscious longing for female nurturing powers – he not only says “raise it” (with reference to the baby dinosaur), but also “love it,” which is highly significant.

    My boyfriend doesn’t think this is a gender specific insult, and that it’s not gay to touch yourself inappropriately if you’re just enjoying the act of watching someone getting mangled. Thoughts?

  • Renie

    This site is starting to seem pro-grief, especially sense this is such a aloof post. No real sexism at all, just odd.

    Sexual at the end but for all I know a girl could be the author. Heh I know I sent plenty of griefs myself in the past, this is something I wouldnt put past myself saying.

  • Lola

    First viewing this site, I wondered when it would turn into a humorless, bitter, feminist clamfest. I wonder no more.
    This isn’t even sexist and reactions like Joanna’s show that people are projecting so hard it’s rather embarrassing–be careful your head doesn’t explode trying to provide the neighborhood with the good old days delight of drive-in theaters, princess.

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  • Crossplatform

    Only the loudest get attention. Women are going to get attention gaming just because they make up such a small portion of the gaming community, you’d be suprised about how many of the people doing this are 15-30 year old guys who just like to talk shit, not something you’re supposed to take it heart. This is like kids in grade school trying to call the principle because someone talked to them wrong. Grow up, report it, and move on.

  • MJ

    So, because it is ‘talking shit’ by basement dwelling morons that makes it somehow okay? If threatening people,etc., online was acceptable behaviour then there wouldn’t be a need for this site like this.

  • Nate


  • MJ

    Somebody is sounding a little bitter.

  • Gerald Mouse

    MJ, with all due respect, that message is clearly not meant to be taken seriously. Besides, if he really was raising a dinosaur, do you really think he would train it for anything other than protection?

  • Gerald Mouse

    I’m not trying to be insensitive. I’m just trying to help.

    But anyway, Xbox Live seemed to get a lot of idiots when Halo 2 was the big-time FPS. Everything seemed mellow before Fall 04.

  • popecrunch

    Look if I were raising a dinosaur, I would just ride around on it all day not giving even a solitary moist fart of a crap about what anybody else did or didn’t do because holy hell, dinosaur.

  • MJ

    Exactly! Why waste a dinosaur’s awesomeness on somebody you don’t know. :-)

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  • Schnitter

    Awww, should I call the whaaaambulance for you, Lola ): ?

  • Schnitter

    Psssst. I’ve got a really crazy little idea here, but bear with me for a moment! Maybe, just maybe, girls make up such a small percent of the gaming community BECAUSE of this kind of behaviour? And that, as a result, they pose as male gamers so they won’t be harassed? And that’s why people keep thinking the large majority of gamers are male?
    Totally wacky idea, right?
    That couldn’t POSSIBLY be the reason!

    But seriously. Why does it bother you so much that people make fun of idiots like that? Why don’t you stick to your own advice, grow up and move on :) ?

  • Gaucho420

    Its amazing what anonymity and access to random people will do to people’s bravado. I bet you this guy wouldn’t say squat to anyone in person. This post would be funny, if it wasn’t so whacked out. There’s truth in every little joke…

  • Anex

    Gotta give him points for effort. I mean he actually took the time to think of a more original insult than what you usually hear AND typed it all out.
    The end actually made me LOL

  • Jessica Sideways

    Interestingly enough, I find this only slightly less creepy than “radical” transphobic feminists.

  • Gerald Mouse

    Was that directed towards me? I never typed “grow up and move on”.

    I’m trying to help.

  • christina

    LOL the first place I think of hiding at the idea of someone masturbating to my dismemberment is a 50′s drive in movie theater!

  • Jonathan

    I’d be inclined to agree with your boyfriend, it’s the kind of thing guys sling at each other all the time, although I wouldn’t say it was completely devoid of homoerotic undertones. The length and the obvious thought that went into it would suggest that it was done in jest; very few people bother with that level of creativity when genuinely pissed of. However his association of violent death with sexual arousal is somewhat disturbing.

    Hmm, analysing these things is pretty fun!

  • Dan

    I don’t think this is gender specific at all. It just seems like a silly, over-the-top insult that’s just meant to be taken as a joke.

  • Lola

    “I have an idea, fellas–let’s prove that we’re not projecting by projecting even harder!”

    Or was that the joke?

  • Smoolander

    So he took all that time to think of an original insult, yet obviously didn’t use any originality in his gamertag.

  • Joanna

    You know. I was going to open this reply with a joke because I felt like making a joke to break the ice would be the best way of approaching this.

    But I thought about it a little, and it isn’t. It would come off as condescending, “projected,” and rude. And, heh, the irony is, I’m sure you’d have submitted it to this website and called me a sexist! And I’d have continued having my lulz.


    But here’s the real deal. You sound like you’re angry about something that has nothing to do with us. You sound bothered by what these people say, but even more bothered by us commenters — particularly my own comments, apparently, since you mentioned me by name.

    But this is the internet. Nobody around here knows anything about respect. Its filled constantly with evidence supporting John Gabriel’s Greater Internet F***wad Theory. Its sad, but its true.

    The reason we laugh at these things (“project” as you call it) is the fact that its real. We laugh at these things because every single one of us have seen, heard, or been told one of these things personally. Or, we laugh because we’ve seen them told to someone else.

    You don’t think I get told to go make a sandwich 20 times daily before unloading headshots from across the field? That I should be busy giving someone a BJ?

    I don’t care. I’m a very happily married woman (to another woman, mind you!), with a career that I both love and flourish in, I’m going back to school to get my degree, and I’m young and beautiful. I have my entire life ahead of me, and plan to change the world in every step I take.

    And people that make the comments that are submitted to this site? Many of them are kids, or incredibly immature adults. They have never grown up, and a lot of them act like this because they don’t know anything about human decency. I’ll be the first to admit — I’m lucky. I have a mother who loves me, and a father who did the best he could. I learned to be respectful.

    Not everyone does. And not everybody is so lucky.

    Furthermore, many of the people who go online to make comments that are hateful, spiteful, and angry, do so because they have no other place to do so — they’re such prisoners in their life that their last place of escape is the internet. A place where they can take out all of the rage and hate that they have for their boss, or their minimum wage job, or their cold, cruel partner. Or their mothers and fathers and people who constantly grief them in the real world.

    I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this. The point is, we laugh at these things because its something that every single one of us knows and constantly deals with. If you read this site, you’re probably a gamer. And if you’re a modern gamer, you probably play online — and hear constant hate every single game you go into.

    But to take it seriously is, well, stupid. And to take what they say to heart is, frankly, childish. You clearly believe that some of us commenters are “projecting” something, be it anger, femenazi attitudes, or whatever. But relax. We’re laughing too. And the ones who aren’t? Well, it wont be long before their quotes are submitted to this page by someone who is laughing at them…for reasons they probably don’t even realize.

    So relax. Enjoy the site. Laugh at the idiotic submissions. Laugh at the commenters. And remember, there’s far more important things in this world than people on the internet. Like your partner, or your career, or your family.

    If you still want to tear into me, go ahead. I’ll just laugh at it as I kiss my wife before we go to sleep.

  • Hollyhock

    This has amused me greatly.

  • Aaron G.

    ROFLMAO!!! This is one of the best! Seriously, Linkin 6 Echo has some creativity and imagination! There’s no way this could be a “serious insult”. Had I received something like this, I would actually reply to the gamer telling them how hilarious they are. If FUoS ever makes a “Best of” section, I would love to nominate this one to be the first to go in it.

  • oooooooooooo

    I’m with you on this one. That’s what dinosaurs are meant for. Everybody knows it.

  • Jack

    As some others have said, this guy is not sexist at all. He was making a joke and anyone who didn’t get that should buy one of my patented bullshit detectors.

  • Anonymous

    that was the most fun comment i ever read!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This must be the most hilarious comment ive ever read!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This must be one of the most hilarious comments ive ever read!!!

  • Anonymous

    While it’s funny, I think that there is something wrong if he can’t talk to a girl just like a person. This guy is probably having an orgasm while typing this.

  • Bill

    excatly I’d be like Mario w/ Yoshi yeah! of course the downside would be having to clean up all the dino – dung as it WOULD be a pet, afterall.

  • Rinmo Cikaz

    I’m am using that the next time I get a telemarketer

  • Courtney Nicole

    This is the greatest message ever! I mean, he’s not going to just raise a dinosaur, he is going to LOVE it. Lol.

  • Icarus Kurier

    I about pee’d myself laughing at this one.  Mad creative.

  • Grant Engberson

    I think everyone of the dudes are fucking creeps, but at least this one is funny.

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    This is by far my favorite comment. And I hate you

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    I agree MJ… I agree

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    4 years later.. And I want my dignity back

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    Thanks DS.. But you’re not tricking anyone.. We know what that stands for.. Think about it.. For just a couple sec—– Dick sucker.. That’s what it stands for

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    Eat a dick

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    You have a weird interest in feet Theseus and we don’t go pointing fingers.. So stop judging everyone else and we won’t judge your fetish.

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    This took 10 seconds to scribe.. Just like my orgasms on a daily basis.

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    Ralphy305 can S my D

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    The lifeless carcass is what dragged on.. Not my joke..

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    You read too many books.. Play a video game

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    Her bf has a small wee wee so I wouldn’t be inclined to agree with anything he said

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    Whatever Lola wants right? Screw you Lola.. Go to Wikipedia if you want something safe

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    That’s what I’m saying MJ.. Btw are you a chick? Wanna get some coffee? By coffee I mean sex

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    Thanks.. I teared up…

  • Linkin 6 Echo

    Mj I thought we had something

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