I’ll bring the marshmallows!

PickaBOSS definitely won’t be getting any s’mores.

  • Fillytase
  • Lamin

    Okay, this one is just funny!

  • Norsey

    Now this one’s almost witty! Lame old sammich theme, but I”l give him points for creative use.

  • Mordecai

    Frankly, if anyone ever wanted to make a good case for eugenics, they could use Xbox Live smacktards as example A.

  • Duke Nukem

    It’s funny because it’s true.

  • RE: Nerdette

    Omg, this is my favorite website now. :) LOL…

    I don’t know how many times I hear, “get back in the kitchen” hurr hurr. But at least this guy put more thought into it.

  • Fillytase

    I want a tent with a kitchen in it. That’s pretty high-tech stuff.

  • Renie

    I find it hard to hate such a cleverly thought out grief.

  • Mac

    This guys an ass, but come on camping is a no-no.

  • Nick Endrikat

    Dick move, but a funny one haha i would say that just for joking around not anyway serious though.

  • Whoopa


    this site makes me laugh ^^ I play a female character online and tell all i’m a 7 yro tranny with a sexy fanny and some of them still try and hit on me o,o

    I will contribute with pics in the future!

    also never heard this one before =P i’m sure you will start hearing allot more of it now !

  • It’s a legitimate strategy!

    Sounds to me like you’re just can’t deal with campers efficiently and wish they’re run around like a chicken with its head cut off like you do. :P

  • Super unskilled N00blet

    Obviously many people dislike camping because they just suck so badly, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact it takes some of the fun out of the game.

  • http://poisondusk.wordpress.com Selidor

    I’m sure someone’s going to complain that I’m being too sensitive, but unless you’re actually trans yourself I think claiming/joking that you’re part of a vulnerable minority group in order to try and gross people out is pretty gross in itself.

    ‘Tranny’ is generally regarded by trans people as a hurtful slur, and by saying you’re a ‘tranny’ in order to discourage people from hitting on you implies that people who are trans aren’t/shouldn’t be attractive.

  • Fade

    Dude, on certain levels it isn’t camping. It’s called overwatch – wide view of the area for support fire from a distance and calling out enemy movements. It isn’t their fault some of you just have the audacity to continue to run straight at them knowing full well they’re more than likely training a shot on your head.

  • Whoopa

    this would be the whole gay faggot arguement over, you are what you are no matter how it’s phrased. I in all honesty love trannies I think there awesome, if one of my friends wanted to trans gender I would not have an issue, I only know 1 in real life a friend of mines mother and no we don’t call her tranny we just call her by her man name and don’t question it. if lady gaga was truely tranny she would go up in my books! I treat them like every other human. it must be hard going through such a transition. but I am very unconcerned when it comes to peoples outlooks on what there called like indians in my country were called indians forever now that east indians have grown more popular in canada it is an insult to call them indian ? you have to call them native now ? I think it’s all idiotic so i’ll call them what I know them by! I have an argument that sounds just as stupid as theres i’m white i get called caucasian that is like being insulted 2x because i’m being calling a cauc and an asian but does it matter ? no, why? because i’m only 1 person and it’s considered silly now if I got my wholemajority to be offended then it becomes a big deal ! xD I think it’s all complete crap I will call Transexuals Trannies until I know there real name in which case I will address them that from that point forward

    I care not for peoples nit picks on words I get bitched at all the time i’m like oo yea your white there like NO IM UKRANIAN ! how the hell am I going to know that? same with this how the hell am I sposed to know Trannies are offended by being called trannies? I got a small dick i’m not offended if people say it no matter how they phrase it why? BECAUSE ITS TRUE ! I bet you if people weren’t so anal on words for example this they would have allot more supporters not that this has effected my view on “transexuals”

    i’ve seen damn fine trannies, but yes I say it not implying that there unattractive or theres something wrong with them but in good fun because I am a male playing a female character.

    the fact that your assuming i’m implying this makes you more of a jackass then me! I never once said I did it to gross people out I was more shocked about the fact there hitting hitting on a 7 year old then the fact there hitting on a tranny.

    there is over 6.5 billion people in this world, i imply nothing. out of 6.5 billion people there are so many differeent tastes and preferences that it is left up to the individual wether or not they find it “gross” or “unnatractive”
    not what the mass majority thinks.

    i appologize if my words offended you or any trannies out there. I am a rude person, but if there are any trannies are out there ! you are a firework in my eyes go out and shine ! <3 (katy perry just started playing lol) and I appologize but I will keep using this term but with no offensive intentions =)

  • Whoopa

    I also apologize If I offended anyone else who has read this and been offended >.>

  • Whoopa

    also it does not matter what others think of you but rather what you think of yourself I believe most trannies have come to terms with this before they get an operation though of course being accepted and called beautiful feels nice, but like I said there 6.5 billion people in this world fuck what the mass majority thinks, societys definition on normal is screwed up anyways.

  • Super unskilled N00blet

    Again, I was assuming that COD is the game being played here, and when it comes to COD most people aren’t sitting up in a point giving cover fire, their usually laying on the floor in the doorway of a building, either way I really only find it annoying in DM since the kids on my team enjoy running into the same building 20 times without the thought of popping a grenade or using a noob tube

    I for one quickscope( though the L96 is a bit slow compare to the intervention :P)

    I don’t really care about it that much, just thought I was being cute with my original statement, once again I have underestimated the interwebs.
    We’re all here not to argue about video games but to laugh and express annoyance about and in a way get back at these egotistic foul-mouthed idiots that populate these games

  • http://poisondusk.wordpress.com Selidor

    Well if you didn’t know that tranny is a slur, you do now.

    You claim to love us, yet you refuse to stop using words that hurt us? If you’re using it around a trans friend who doesn’t mind, for example, then that’s a different matter but the fact is that many trans people do dislike it, and if you’re going to use somewhere that is publicly accessible like the internet you will upset trans people by saying it. I can’t force someone not to use the term, but I’ll certainly call them out on it.

    It’s really not that hard to exchange one word for another (even when it’s not your native language – I’m a language student myself) and by refusing to do so even when the word you use is hurtful, many minorities will assume that you do not respect them, and you do not care if they are hurt or not. Even if that’s not your intention, that is how you are likely to be seen.

    If you wanted to discourage people from hitting on you, why didn’t you simply say that you were a seven year-old? It makes sense to say you’re a seven year-old to discourage someone from hitting on you because it would be strange and disturbing to hit on a seven year-old. Why was it necessary to add the ‘tranny’ part as well? What purpose did it serve? I realise from your response that it wasn’t your intention to imply that it’s strange or disturbing to hit on a trans person, but that doesn’t mean the implication isn’t there, or that people can read your mind to know that you didn’t mean to be hurtful. I don’t know who you are or what you’re thinking – I only know what you’ve said here and that is what I base my responses on.

    It’s ridiculous and dismissive to suggest that if trans people less ‘anal’ that people would be more willing to support them. I’ve been nice to people and I’ve been aggressive to people when discussing trans issues, and it never makes a difference.

    If you want to respect people who are trans and don’t want to cause offence, you should listen to them and address them in terms that they feel comfortable with, and not terms that you force on them regardless of how hurtful they are. When someone tells you that you are using disrespectful language, it doesn’t have to be an attack – it can be an opportunity to learn.

  • Theseus

    It doesn’t take cleverness to come up with an insult that anyone with a basic understanding of the English language and an irrational hatred of women could invent.

  • Pandemic

    Dodger sent me
    this made me lol it is just so stupid and kinda cool at the same time i mean fillytase is right it would be BA to have a kitchen in ur tent

  • Whoopa

    I believe what does not kill you only makes you stronger, but you are right in basically everything you typed aside from these 2 things imo:

    (and yes I agree with you to a certain point, I am supportive of it and will stop using the term… I think with my logic until proven with something greater, I still believe what does not kill you will make you stronger but unnecessary acts of hatred are not the way)

    anyhow but besides these 2 things : I will read the article you linked later but it is just not this issue with transexuals, it’s all issues people are so upset by what people call them perhaps if they redefined the word into a compliment it would not matter. (I know other words would be there to replace it with a new insult but meh) before I learned of “Tranny” being insulting It was just my abbreviation for transexual or transgender and i’m sorry for getting upset i’m pissed off about other things right now lol i’ve been arguing with people all day =P even skipped the super bowl =o (not that it’s anything special I don’t even watch sports soccer sometimes)

    anyhow and the 2nd thing is : I never did it to discourage people from hitting on me and you are right people cannot read my mind, I did it because i’m foolish and no I do not consider how I am effecting people in reality, probably because I still have allot of learning to do, and do not think before I act

    anyhow your a fairly smart person, care to go over some other topics with me sometime ? I would like to hear your opinion on other things now.
    I enjoy when someone can present me with a greater logic then my own I still have lots of growing to do as an individual. also I re read what I typed and I was very rude I was letting my comment be driven by anger… so if your interested in my proposition just let me know I think I could learn allot from you =)

  • Whoopa

    sorry last thing, I just wanted to let you know I will be applying what you told me not only to transexual, but all other groups as well… I’m going over all words I use for certain groups in the urban dictionary now.

    Also I would like to thank you, now I will only use these terms if I’m trying to be offensive rather then in my day to day vocab =P (joking)

  • Francis N

    Wow, now you’re getting mad at him for something he did in the past at a time where you were pretty much completely unaware of his existence.

  • Amoebic

    Well, hold on. Running around like a chicken sans head has its advantages if you use the map to your advantage. It gets people to shoot at you, and now you know where they are!

    Campers are great! They stay in one place all the time, so they’re easy to find. Also, once you learn a map, the usual camp spots are like easter-eggs; you know there’s always going to be a prize inside.

  • http://bradmillershero.blogspot.com/ BradMillersHero

    Holy crap! A kitchen joke?!

    I AM IN AWE OF YOUR CREATIVE POWERS. Obviously he must have a wondrous sense of humor to come up with that remark. Its not like he probably sees it every day when hes fapping to CP on 4chan.

  • It’s a legitimate strategy!

    Agreed. I have a steady mix of headless chicken running and camping in most games (unless the game or make up of the teams overwhelmingly favours one or the other). Headless chicken running can get you killed ridiculously easily if you don’t know what you’re doing, but camping just guarantees someone with a memory is going to chuck a grenade around your corner.

  • It’s a legitimate strategy!

    I don’t recall camping ever taking the fun out of things in the experiences of myself or my gaming friends, whether we’re camping or being camped. It’s just another strategy and it fun to do and to fight against. Also, I can sense your sarcasm. Doesn’t suit you.

  • Kat

    Hahaha I love it… i get the same kind of messages when i play xbox.

  • http://poisondusk.wordpress.com Selidor

    I wasn’t trying to be polite in my initial reply, so I would have been surprised if I had gotten a nice response! I’m glad we could have a more amicable discussion in the end, though.

    With regards to what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, that’s true but for example a trans person might be hearing words like that on a daily basis, which can be tiring and frustrating.

    There’s nothing wrong with messing up on something – everyone does it (e.g.: even feminists mess up on feminist issues sometimes). Rather I think it’s important to learn how to respond well when someone points it out.

    Many minority groups do take insulting words and reclaim them, but it’s not something that everyone is comfortable doing and it’s difficult to read the intentions of someone outside of that group when they use it.

    You can run some other topics by me if you want, but as a disclaimer I will say I’m not going to be an expert on all social justice issues (I’m white, for example) and I can’t guarantee my opinions on a given issue will be shared by everyone in the relevant minority group.

  • Super unskilled N00blet

    **scroll down a bit and read the comment you obviously missed.(February 6, 2011 at 10:56 am)

  • http://www.ValentinSeleznyov.tumblr.com Valentin Seleznyov

    I don’t camp. I strategically wait.

  • Raab

    If you were camping, you had this one coming.

  • FoxhoundRevolver

    Yeah camping pisses me and all my mates off a good amount… You’re just sitting in a corner with a machine gun and waiting for someone to run past.. Where’s the skill? IMO if you’re gonna camp, at least snipe… And not from a corner.

  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/carguno Los

    I say there should be landmine system. A landmine that blows you up specifically if you’re on the spot for 10 seconds and reactivates if you come back.

  • http://twitter.com/ondurdis Bella

    - I cant help but love this comment xD

  • Anonymous

    Somebody give this guy a medal. This comment is GENIUS!

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