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  • Fillytase

    Wow, I’m so angry someone made a trite, overused sexist joke I’ve heard a million times before. And using the same insult twice in one conversation… nice. Way to get my blood boiling. /rolls eyes

  • Foangel

    Don’t worry everyone knows the guys would be bored without us. Xbox/PSN would just be one major sausage festival without us. They won’t admit that we make their life interesting XD

  • acapulco

    uggghhhh full metal alchemist fandom

  • azure

    if i girl gamer pisses you off online why would you be any more inclined to insult them than a male. i as a male honestly have never got a hate mail and i dont understand the reasoning, its not funny and if they think its true then why would they pay out their only source of food?

  • Theseus

    I have a hard time understanding how sexists have managed to survive for so long. Shouldn’t their inability to talk to women respectfully have made them unable to reproduce?

  • shanna

    I’m more surprised at the character choice. Hughes was the nicest guy, always gushing about his daughter and such.

    I’m also more insulted by how dumb and overused his comments are then by how sexist they are. Kingoflulz from 2001 apparently.

  • Schnitter

    Wow, isn’t he clever? I bet after that reply he high fived himself and thought he is the most awesome guy who ever walked the earth (:

  • Jessica Sideways

    Ugh, this has the stench of 4chan/Encyclopedia Dramatica about it. Truly disgusting.

  • mrsachmo

    This is not kingofluls material. I dub the KingofMehs!

  • Suma

    Full Metal Alchemist fan…



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