I will take it under advisement

Thank you to Xbox Live player Jesus Was A Pig for this very helpful suggestion!

Jesus Was A Pig

  • Paladuck

    Jesus, I feel sorry for you ladies. Reading this site makes me sad for humanity.

  • tylerbigt

    This makes me feel bad about having a cock lol

  • http://www.fragdolls.com Phoenix FD

    hahaha all these messages are bringing back memories!

  • Joey Risdon

    geez I’m a tenth prestige but I don’t think becoming gay to get a boyfriend will help anything

  • Holly


  • Theseus

    I think somebody’s projecting!

  • http://www.hellchick.net Hellchick

    I think Joey just won the thread.

  • likeOMGitsFEDAY

    i just LOLed so hard.

  • Isa

    I keep wondering why they don’t do the same.

  • whipjacka

    These feel staged. Why do they all have less than a thousand gamerscore

  • http://gametastrophe.com n1ghtsn1p3r

    Maybe they just play games like CoD where you don’t get achievements for multiplayer.

  • Kelli j

    I couldn’t help but noticing his ‘pro’ designation and super low gs. Perhaps he’s threaten that your epeen is bigger. :)

  • mrsachmo

    But I thought Jesus was a carpenter. Also, I saw him bussing tables at IHOP.

  • LawnyJ

    I’m 8th prestige…but then again so is my boyfriend :3

  • Em

    Um…why do women and girls need boyfriends to “have a life”, again?

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