A Simple Request

Xbox Live player M40A3 RATEED keeps it short and sweet. Well, it would be sweet if it wasn’t so creepy.


  • http://curtis.lassam.net Curtis Lassam

    Manners, young man. “May I”.

  • http://www.hope-gaming.com Imperiah

    Send a picture of your cat as he asked :)

  • Twilight

    Zero gamerscore and no rep? Smells like someone set this up.

  • gtz

    @Twilight: Xbox Live has been made aware of this site and has probably gone through our posts. There’s every chance that they’ve since investigated this issue and done something to this account. Check out http://whywasibanned.com for people complaining about things like gamerscores being reset to zero.

  • Theseus

    @gtz: Hell yeah! I’d like to see the look on these creeps’ faces when the only thing that makes them feel like a man is reset to zero.

  • Holly

    Someone needs to respond to this guy “Hell yeah baby!” and then send him a picture of Blue Waffle.

  • Juice

    I for one think this site is great if its gonna help get these dumbass’s banned.

  • splicer7

    Psh with a zero gamer score? He aint seein jack. i only go for those 3k and up guys *wink wink* haha jk seriously. though that is totally weird

  • kirojizu

    Show him a pic of blue waffle! :D

  • mrsachmo

    “Really? I’m getting treatment for the pixelation, but thanks for the kind words!”

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny that most girls have saved or sent nude pics of themselves online, but don’t you dare ask for them.

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