It rhymes with ‘sandwitch’

This Xbox Live message from ralphy305 reads in my head as some dope rhymes. “kitchen” “lesbian” “sandwitch” “bitch”

Feel it.


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  1. Wait a minute – cock meat sandwiches are terrible!

  2. Hellchick says:

    So, wait, how does that work? If she’s got a lesbian girlfriend, where’s that meat for the sandwich coming from? This really wasn’t thought out very much at ALL.

  3. likeOMGitsFEDAY says:

    this message confuses me as well. i didn’t think lesbians liked boy meat. /facepalm

  4. jon says:

    Don’t you see, Hellchick? That’s why ralphy305 has thoughtfully provided a cock in the message itself.

  5. alex says:

    hey props on this website! i dont understand why guys are such freaking morons whenever they encounter a girl on XB Live. my girlfriend always gets the creepiest guys talking to her…..or just assholes. either way, keep up the online battle and screw the haters!

  6. Anonymous says:

    and you complain that girls don’t like vidya games. you guys suck. really. really now.

  7. Johnny says:

    seriously I can’t stand these kids that have ruined XBL. my friend Christina and I just go insta-party on Cod to avoid these creepers, I’m sick of it. Reporting every single one does nothing, and telling them what their problem is incites more poor grammar curse words and endless streams of ignorance and stupidity to flow from their mouths.

  8. Alex says:

    Why I don’t pay for LIVE Gold… you could get the same service for free if you crammed into a phone booth with twelve angry teenage boys. Looking at the gamertags of these people reinforces my theory that Rep means nothing; it’s abused so much by people who just give all their friends good rep that it merely represents how many friends they have.

  9. Norsey says:

    I think the last place I heard “girls don’t game so stfu and make me a sandwich” repeatedly was in Lord of Ultima chat. Yep, sandwich ogres in a freemium strategy casual! That’s plain silly and can’t upset me, but there is no way in the seven hells I’m going near Xbox Live, and I never play co-op in shooters on my PS3. Chicken? Maybe, or maybe there’s just enough stress in my life.

  10. VezRoth says:

    That seems to have managed to get into almost every category there is…

  11. Random dood says:

    A good answer would be that you’re the masculine one in your relationship, saying that it’s the reason why you’re playing games. Your lesbian girlfriend is already in the kitchen making you a sandwich.
    Then again, a good way of dealing with those people is blocking and deleting the message.

  12. Duder, it's over says:

    Hey, you’re right! It does make a catchy rap song.

  13. this seems like a reasonable request to me…

  14. I love the fact that the messages are ALWAYS misspelled. LMAO!

  15. Damian Cole says:

    Ass hats like this are why I refuse topay for XBL and rarely play anything on y PS3 online

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am totally at home with the morons on XBL trash talking me being a British male i thought i had it bad, but you girls really do have the worst of it, i am shocked and appalled by these comments but i am also embarrassed for the majority of male players that play who couldn’t give a shit if there is girls in-game. Most of the aggro comes from the fact that ignorance is bliss for these poor individuals and also that they will never know the touch of a woman unless they pay for it.

  17. Zelda Hyrule says:

    That is the most deformed emoticon dick I’ve ever seen…

  18. Brennan Barrington says:

    You know, I could probably produce a computer program that could make these types of messages: just take every way to insult women in the English language, and output a random number of them in random order. Which means…these guys fail the Turing test.

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