Get ready for the weekend!

It’s Friday! The weekend is almost here! Just a few more hours and you can get home and fire up your game(s) of choice.

We wanted to take the time to remind you to save those awful messages you receive this weekend (and beyond) and send them in to or through our submission form. You can also let us know via Twitter. And tell your friends to save their messages, too!

What can you send us? We’ll accept pictures/screenshots, audio files and video recordings. Whether it’s from Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, WoW or any other game, we want to see it!

In all cases, please try and keep the file sizes as small as you can. Reduce the audio/video quality a bit, trim the files to only the relevant parts, crop and scale the images. Do your best! General guidelines: images can easily be under 100kB and Xbox Live voice message mp3s should be under 500kB.

We have a new Youtube account, so we can take your video files and upload them. If you want to just send us a Youtube link to something you’ve uploaded yourself, you can do so as well. Video files will be larger and the guidelines are fuzzier for now. Do not email us large video files, but send us a link to download the file ourselves. Videos should be under 1 minute in length. File sizes should not exceed 50MB. Reduce the bit rate where necessary.

We’ve had a great week here at FUoS and have been enjoying all of your submissions, comments and fanmail. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait to hear more from you! <3

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