And a fond farewell to you, too!

These kind parting words brought to you by Xbox Live player Death Muffins.

  • Lindsay

    Why haven’t I heard about this gay worldwide PMS club? How do I join? Are there meetings? More importantly, ARE THERE BAKE SALES???

  • SillyLump

    You haven’t heard of us because we were TRYING to remain private but someone *cough cough* Death Muffins *cough* got his panties in a bunch when he was kicked out.

    Due to: Not participating in one a month bake sale. Promised to bring muffins.

    Lindsay, we meet on Tuesdays Behind the old oak tree in the park. Yeah, that park, the one with the tree.

  • Curtis Lassam

    I’m not going to lie: The concept of a gay worldwide PMS group is _terrifying_.

  • Hyphen

    Me too! A gay worldwide PMS group sounds like the greatest idea ever proposed on the internet. I can’t bake, though. May I bring deflated citrus soufflees?

  • Ian Linn

    I kind of feel like I need to change my gamertag now. It’s very similar to Death Muffin and the idea of sharing similar names with this guy makes me want to take a long, cold shower.

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  • Anonymous

    HAHA! Well, apperently he dun want anyone that “belongs” in the kitchen XD Well the boys need to learn themselves to cook somehow XD

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  • Amber Elizabeth Heald

    There should be bake sales.

  • Cassie

    bake sales, with brownies, from scratch, and fresh bread…
    and still have time for gaming ;)

  • FreeBSD

    real nice.

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