Maybe it’s a medical condition

  • Arumi

    HAHAHA… “plz help” Someday, he probably thinks that line will work :p

  • Anex

    Honestly that message is hilarious.. I would have told him to go hit it while staring at pictures of men.

  • duhJeenyus

    Haha his gamertag reminds me of the Dice Man. “Little boy blue… he needed the money!”

  • Alex

    Well you see just stab it with a sharp knife and let the blood out, hopefully it will make you light headed and need to go to sleep so you stop being a fool.

  • Tank

    Headbutt a wall ;)

  • Lulz

    If you experience erections lasting longer than four hours, contact your doctor immediately…

  • toni

    think of renee zellweger, it helped quagmire too. ^^

  • The Dark Furie

    Hmmm, taking his hand off it might work. At least he’d be able to type properly then.

  • Daniel Hobson

    People it’s not funny. Obviously no one has told him about the birds and the bees and this is the first time this has happenened to him.

    But my suggestion would involve fire.

  • Britt Boyd

    Well, the solution is obvious. Slam it in a car door. Works. Every. Time.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! How often do you have to do it to be certain it works every time?

  • Anonymous

    You REALLY don’t want my suggestions, but several of them guarantee a permanent cure to your…problem.

  • Anonymous

    I’d just say, “if the problem persists you may need to go see a doctor. :)”

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