griffball sexism

  • Goosechecka

    The best part is that he actually ended up apologizing!

  • My Bad

    Sorry, I didn’t realize I was standing on your dick bitch. I’ll move right away.

  • Alex

    Silly monkey, why don’t you go throw poo at your friends rather than people with a brain.

  • Shanook

    I’m not sure how I feel about this guy. On the one hand, he’s a complete douchebag. On the other hand, at least he knows how to spell “Grif,” which is more than most Red vs. Blue fans can claim.

    Bravo, douchebag. :)

  • Jake

    Hoooooly crap. I just found this website off of , and I feel compelled to apologize for the behavior of my gender. These guys are indeed douchebags.

  • Anany

    I’m a guy and I get these kinds of messages. I think ‘get off my dick bitch’ is a pretty gender-neutral form of trash talking…

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