New Site

This is gonna be fun.

  • xbro

    What a whore.

  • Rakani

    I think you’re just jealous :)

  • Steve

    Awesome site, shining the cold, harsh light of the internet on dumbasses is always worth while. Plus, the site design is great, really like the look.

  • KingJingaling27

    I just got here from Kotaku and read through every post so far and ended up at the beginning! Haha!

    I really like the idea of naming and shaming abusive gamers and glad to see someone has a site dedicated to it! ^-^

    Me and my girlfriend play a lot of Street Fighter online and we often get hate messages after winning. Some of it is soooo bad… -_-

    Anyway keep it up and don’t let the hate mail get to you!
    [PS. I agree with Steve, I love the design of your website!]

  • Srakin

    This site’s awesome. Keep it up.

  • W

    This is sad but funny. The industry wonders why it’s still looked upon as a general waste of time yet the publishers do nothing to stop stuff like this. Play a game online and your bound to get racists, sexists, and every other type of ists available. What does it say about your userbase when calling someone a nigger for killing your player in a game is considered the norm? I think the big 3 (plus PC) should do something to put a stop to this, but they wont.

  • Pai

    Love the blog. There are still people out there that deny that this kind of sexist BS is a problem in gaming communities — and is one of the main reasons (imo) that gaming is still looked down on in society as a pastime only for socially-stunted manchildren. The sooner folks stop tolerating and perpetuating this crap, the sooner gaming as a whole can finally grow up and get respected.

  • Erdrick

    LOVE the site, anything that brings out the scorn for these brilliantly classless individuals makes me smile.

    I do however have a suggestion. Perhaps keep a list of the worst offenders? A wall of shame if you will. It would be fantastic to have this sorted by service (PSN, XBL, Steam, etc.).

  • The Dark Furie

    Aaah, that was fun. I’ve noted a few of those usernames for future reference and am definitely subscribing here. Great idea for a site, but it’s likely that a few people will eventually start doing these things simply to mail in their own entries. Hopefully quite a few will be named and shamed before then though.

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